The eee community spirit relies very much on the conference, as a unique meeting moment for the members. So cancelling the conference for two consecutive years is the last option we would like to take.

For this reason, the former EEE2021 organizing team (now EEE 2022 – The Netherlands team) accepted to hand over the conference organization for 2021 to the EMOTeeeam (Emergency Moment Organizing Teeeam) that is the organising team of the “eee2020 virtual conference”. This EMOTeeeam is willing and happy to support all the eee-members that want to join and share the challenge to keep our community alive in 2021.

For 2021 the EMOTeeeam is considering these proposals:

2) We meet online for a virtual conference between 28th of April and 2nd of May (2 day program). You are welcome to organize and host the “eee 2021 Virtual Conference”. The past organizing team (Ammy, Andy, Walter and Sergio) will give you full support to do it. 

3) We meet in the real world: Let’s have an “In presence conference” postponed in September from the 02nd to the 05th September 2021 (4 days program).
You are  welcome to organize and host this Conference. In case there will be no members volunteering,  (emergency!) we will make it happen in Italy.

Please, put an option in your agendas for these dates, knowing that EMOTeeeam is strictly dependent from the pandemic evolution – hopefully involution – but also that EMOTeeeam will do all the best to stick to these dates and make the community meet in 2021.

Let us know your opinion about it, answering this short survey (click here). 

Best Wishes, Organising team EEE2022 and EMOTeeeam (Emergency Moment Organizing Teeeam)

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