As a consequence of the latest developments around, and the very quick spread of the second and the third wave of corona virus in Europe, we have unfortunately decided to cancel EEE2021 – The Netherlands, and to reschedule it to 2022.

The reason lies in the fact that, even though most countries in the EU have started a vaccination program, in the Netherlands it will take more than 6 months before we will get back to some kind of “normal” where we can travel easily to other countries and organise bigger events.

For this reason, the EEE2020/21 – The Netherlands team is willing to organise the conference in 2022. The dates are already set, and the event location is under option. So please book the following dates in your agenda.

EEE 2022 – The Netherlands conference will be held from Thursday 28th of April until Sunday 1st of May 2022.

We are also aware that our community spirit relies very much on the conference, as a unique meeting moment for the members. So cancelling for two consecutive years is the last option that we would like to take. For this reason, we accepted to hand over the conference organization for 2021 to the EMOTeeeam (Emergency Moment Organizing Teeeam) that is the organising team of the “eee2020 virtual conference”. This EMOTeeeam is willing and happy to support all the eee-members that want to join and share the challenge to keep our community alive in 2021. For more information check: eee 2021.

In 2022 the conference will happen in the Netherlands.

Pre-conference: to be defined

Conference: 28th April – 1st May

Place: St Michielsgestel

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