To facilitate the communication between EEEurope community members we use the online platform “LearningStone” (

It provides those who attend a EEE Conference of a specific year with a closed, private and secure space to share information as well as links, photos, video, audio and other files.

As soon as you have registered and paid for the conference you will receive an email with a personal invitation to join the platform.

Here, you can:

  • Create a profile with a picture and any information you’d like to share about yourself so you can start getting to know each other even before the conference starts
  • Arrange and find information about sharing transport to the venue
  • Upload more detailed information about the workshop you will be giving: Maybe you want people to have access to forms or information beforehand. Or you want to provide a presentation, photos or more supporting material for the participants to download afterwards.
  • If you are looking for someone to facilitate a workshop with, need information on a topic or equipment, you can arrange that there as well
  • And of course, you will find all relevant details about the Pre-Conference, Conference, the venue etc.

During and after the Conference:

  • You can share any pictures and videos
  • Messages and comments

…and be sure that they are secure and shared only with the attendees of the Conference itself – rather than on Facebook, Instagram etc. where privacy is much more difficult to manage!