The EEE2022 conference will be organized by a diverse group of EEE participants from four different
countries. Here we are:




Ralph Kolen (The Netherlands) – Organizing Conference, Finances and Head of a lot of small things







Katja Kleinveld (The Netherlands) – Organizing Conference, Pre-Conference and head of transport

(before EEE conference)

________________(after EEE conference)







Ammy Kuiper (The Netherlands) – Organizing Pré – Conference and Head of silly things








Silvie Horbach (The Netherlands) – Organizing team Pré – Conference








Annemie Lybaert (Belgium) – Organizing Programm conference








Robert Looije (Belgium) – Organizing Programm conference








Saskia Szepansky (Belgium) – Organizing Programm Conference








Sibylle Schönert (Germany) – Head of decoration, member of scholarshipfund








Silke Korner (Germany) – Head of participants Communication








Sergio Cabigiosu (Italy) – Head of Website