Dear EEE Friends,


We are excited & happy to announce that the venue for the EEE conference 2023 has been found and reserved!

The place is located in the south of Poland, close to Kraków (1 hour drive), which has the International airport easily reachable from the major  cities in Europe.

Lots of space, beautiful views, wonderful silence and the rich nature around it enchanted us and we truly hope you will enjoy them, too.

You can see it on the website:

Watching the presentation you will probably notice a „religious flavour”…. Yes – the venue belongs to the catholic church and we considered this very carefully.  Finally the assurance from the owners that „they deliver an accomodation and catering, we deliver the Conference” made us to say YES.

But it is not all….

Next year’s Conference will last 4 full days!

The opening ceremony will take place in the Thursday evening, 27th of April; the closing ceremony – Monday evening 1st of May.

Dates of the pre-conference: 24-27 April.

Spread the news, invite old friends and new colleagues!

Registration for EEE 2023 will begin shortly – follow the website and facebook.

We cannot wait to welcome you in Poland!

Klaudia, Joanna, Igor, Michał and Michał

EEE 2023 Organising Team.  

Pre-conference: 24th and 27th April

Conference: 27th April – 02nd May


For further information contact us.