10th Anniversary EEEurope Meeting

Hohnstein Castle, Hohnstein
Germany, April 27 - May 1, 2006


Again, we hope to welcome folks from all over Europe and the World to this annual gathering of those who work in the experiential education & development field.
This conference is a unique meeting place for experiential educators, trainers, therapists and others who are interested in sharing, discussing and challenging their knowledge, methods and techniques.

What sets us apart from most other practitioner's conferences is the completely informal structure of this group on one hand. On the other, it is the assumption that everyone who attends this conference has something to share that others can learn from.
That also means that the workshops will be provided by the participants themselves. There will be no paid speakers, workshop leaders or similar. Everything is voluntary and organized by the group itself.
If you have any further questions about this procedure, do not hesitate to send us an email.

The Hosts

Gabriel da Fonseca & Silke Koerner of KreativAktion and Michael Rehm of ZIEL are excited to be hosting this 10th anniversary conference in the beautiful forests and hills of the Elbe River valley close to Dresden.

Michael has been with the EEEurope Meetings since the very first one 1996 in Belgium; Gabriel and Silke have been participating since the 2nd conference 1997 in Switzerland.
We are counting on your help to organize this event. Some of you already have offered theirs, and if we haven't contacted you yet. We will as the conference draws closer and tasks become more clear. If you are willing and able to help either with the conference or pre-conference, please contact us, so we can include you in our planning.
Please e-mail us for any questions, suggestions or doubts. We will answer as quickly as possible.

The Meeting

This year - like last - the conference again will be 3½ days long. We will start at 17:00 hrs on Thursday April 27, 2006 and finish around noon on Monday May 1, 2006.

The first night we will welcome all participants, organize the final workshop schedule, and get acquainted with each other.

For the next three days, workshops will run from 09:15 hrs - 12:45 hrs and from 14:15 hrs - 17:45 hrs. Workshop slots will be either 1 hrs or 3 hrs long. 30-minutes breaks between workshops give time for a little rest and to get from one place to the other comfortably.

Each day we will start with a 15-minutes gathering of all participants at 09:00 hrs, and finish the same way at 17:45 hrs, to tie up any loose ends or make important announcements. Our traditional International Dinner will be on the second night, April 28, 2006. This is our way to share and celebrate some of our great cultural diversity. So be sure to bring something typical to drink or eat, which can be set out on a table to be tasted and feasted on during the night!

The third night will be our 10th Anniversary Party! For this, please bring a CD with your favourite song (dancing music). We will make a medley to play all these different songs for our "all night" disco. If you have any fun stories, pictures or other relevant things & memories of previous conferences, bring those too. We want to make this a memorable anniversary party - with lots of happenings and as much input from everyone as possible!

The fourth night we will try to illuminate the castle in an experiential way - enlighted by EEEurope. Please bring what you think you need to illuminate (not to burn!!!!) your part of the castle. The morning of May 1st will be reserved for a general meeting to evaluate this conference and plan for the next. We will choose who will organize the next EEEurope Meeting and where it will take place.

The List

Major changes or additions to this website will be announced on our email-list. This is the list for attendees of previous European conferences, and for people who are interested in the coming conference. If you are not on that list, yet, but want to be, please send us an e-mail. You will then get an invitational reply to join the list.

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