Privacy policy of EEE


This privacy policy details how EEE uses and protects personal information (“personal data”) it collects, stores, or otherwise processes. EEE is committed to protecting the rights of all individuals (“data subjects”) whose personal data is processed. All data will be processed securely and used only as described in this privacy policy.

This policy may be updated from time to time to ensure that the policy fully respects the rights of the data subjects and the legislation(s) governing the use of personal data, such as the EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation. EEE controlled registries containing personal data are listed below. You always have the following rights with regards to any or your personal data stored in the registries:

  • Right to enquire whether your data is being processed and what the data is
  • Right to ask us to update any incorrect or missing data
  • Right to ask us to stop using the data for a specific purpose or for all purposes and/or request its deletion
  • Right to appeal to the data protection officials should you feel that our processing does not follow the legislation or you think that your rights are otherwise not observed

General queries related to this privacy policy, the security of personal data, inquiries about your personal data, and/or requests to update or delete your personal data can be sent via email to

EEE’s website and cookies

We use cookies on our website for better user experience and content targeting. By connecting information based on cookies and your possible form submit(s), we create a personal profile of you, which helps us to offer you personalized information and content in different channels.

We collect cookie information with Google, Hubspot, Facebook, and LinkedIn tracking codes. In this website, we use a Google AdWords cookie, which is used to target marketing activities in Google ad network with user lists. Users are not recognized from the information which is linked based on cookie information. Please notice that you can always decline the Adwords marketing based on cookie information. Read more here

We always ask permission to collect cookie information when you access our website for the first time with a specific device. Most of the browsers accept cookies automatically but you can always edit your browser settings and remove the cookies. You can avoid cookies by changing your browser settings.

Tracking information based on cookies and Google AdWords is stored for 26 months after which the information is removed.

EEE marketing registry

Name of the registry: EEE Marketing Registry

Last updated: 22.03.2021

Description: Registry description of personal data file according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Controller of the registry

EEE Organiser Team

Queries related to the registry can be sent via email to

The purpose and justification of processing personal data

The personal data stored in the registry file are used for marketing and organizational purposes. The data is used for direct marketing communications with which EEE markets its partners’ products and services. The registry is also used for marketing related to events organized by EEE or its partners.

The data is processed due to the legitimate interests pursued by EEE.

Description of the group of data subjects and the data related to them

The personal data of the following groups of data subjects are processed:

  • EEE’s participants and potential participants data
  • EEE’s partners working in management, logistics, or similar positions
  • Persons that have registered to EEE mailing list(s) and subscribed to the newsletter(s)
  • Persons that have registered to EEE event(s)
  • Persons who have requested any other information from EEE by entering personal data to a data form and thus agreeing to the related terms (e.g. contact form, material download form)

The following data is inputted to the registry file:

  • Basic personal information
    • person name and contact information (e.g. telephone and email)
    • used for identifying the person(s) and contacting them
  • Organization and title
    • organization contact information (e.g. telephone and address)
    • title of the person within the organization
    • used for targeting the communication
  • Other information submitted by the person him/herself

Regular destinations of disclosed data and whether data is transferred to countries outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area

The personal data may be disclosed to EEE partner companies and other companies belonging to the same group (concern).

The data is not disclosed or transferred outside of the European Economic Area unless EEE has a legitimate professional reason to do so and EEE has conducted Standard Contractual Clauses* agreement with the recipient or a similar EU/EEA legislation approved means of transferring the data is in place.

Duration of the processing

The participants data may be kept in the registry for as long as the participants relationship is active and for the period of ten years after it. Information that is needed for accounting and taxation purposes may be stored for ten years due to legal requirements.

Other data will be kept for five years at a time. This duration will be extended one year at a time if the information has been actively used, the legitimate interest to keep the data is still valid and the information is still accurate.

Inaccurate data will be removed periodically once a year.

The data will be based on the information submitted by the data subject and kept up to date as and when new information is submitted.

Description of the principles in accordance to which the data file has been secured

Personal information is handled confidentially. The data file can only be accessed by persons who require the data while performing their tasks or duties. The registry is fully electronic and it has been secured reliably using appropriate technical security measures such as firewalls and backup procedures.