Dear EEE Friends,

We are happy and proud to present our EEE conference 2024 in Germany!

The venue will be near Berlin.

Our enthusiastic, international team would like to ask you to save the date:

Pre-conference: arrival Wednesday evening 24th of April to 27th of April morning.

Conference: arrival 27th of April in the evening until 30th of April, leaving at 1th of May.

Further details coming soon…

—About Venue —

Details coming soon…

Where is it?

How to get there?

About the venue

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We’ve preprared basic informations about country, national currency and important info that you can need during a travel.

More information

— About team —

The EEE2024 conference will be organised by …..

Organising Team

—  Workshops —

After signing in, if you wish to offer a workshop, you can complete the workshop offer-form to list your proposal in the web-page. Here below you can find all the workshops offered for EEE 2024 Conference.


— Participants —

Here you can see list of peoples who have completed the signed in for EEE 2024. Maybe you are starting from nearby location and wanna travel together?

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