The date for the EEE conference 2025 – Viking edition is planned and the location is booked!

Where it is?

In mainland Denmark (Jutland), in the beautiful surroundings of Vejle, close to Billund airport.

Save the dates

Pre-conference : arrival in the evening of Wednesday, April 23rd to Saturday, April 26th.

Conference: arrival in the evening of Saturday, April 26th up to the evening of Wednesday, April 30th, leaving on Thursday, May 1st.

More information will follow later!


In September 2024 we have also a Special Edition in Pakistan! See here for more details.

— Useful Information —

We have prepared basic information about country, national currency and important info that you can need during the travel.

More information

— About the team —

EEE has no head nor board, people spontaneously joined together to organise the EEE24 conference. Meet here our wonderful…

International Organising Team!

—  Workshops —

After signing in, if you wish to offer a workshop, you can complete the workshop-offer-form to list your proposal in the web-page. Here below you can find all the workshops offered for EEE 2024 Conference.


— Participants —

Here you can see list of people who have completed the signed in for EEE 2024. Maybe you are starting from nearby location and want to travel together?

Who signed in?