The EEE members have been meeting since 1997. To give people an idea of what happens at these meetings, we have put available information about previous conferences on this website. If anyone still has information of those meetings on their computer, please contact us, so that we can put it up on the web.

If you want to visit all the past locations, click here. Credit to Tim Pearson, who has made a great job using all resources available from Google Earth.

The previous information will open in a new tab or window, containing the original website. Some images, links and layout may be broken.

2024 Europe (Berlin)

2023 Poland

2022 Netherlands

2021 Virtual conference

2020 Virtual conference

2019 Belgium

2018 Lithuania

2017 Germany

2016 Romania

2015 Italy

2014 Poland

2013 Hungary

2012 Greece

2011 Slovenia

2010 Denmark

2009 Estonia

2008 Spain

2007 Scotland

2006 Germany

2005 Turkey

2004 Czech Republic

2003 Netherlands

2002 Portugal

2001 Italy

2000 Germany

1999 Great Britain

1998 Switzerland

1997 Belgium