Meeting of the European AEE members and their friends

Baldovec, the Czech Republic, April 30 – May 2, 2004

The conference of 2004 will take place in Baldovec, Czech Republic. Baldovec is a very nice recreation and camping site located in the area of the Moravian Karst north of Brno. The venue is perfectly tucked away from civilization and nicely suits all experiential and outdoor purposes. It is set into a beautiful valley with the river “Bílá Voda” surrounded by the forests where you can admire fantastic scenery right “in the middle of nowhere”.


Baldovec 319
798 62 Rozstani – Baldovec

Dates of the conference

Preconference: We 28.4.2004 (9:00 am) – Fri 30.4.2004 (12:00 am)
EEE Conference: Fri 30. 4. 2004 (4:00 pm) – Su 2.5.2004 (6:00 pm)
AEE Europe round table: Mo 3.5.2004 (9:00 am – 12:00 am)

Costs of the Conference

Preconference: € 100
EEE Conference: € 200 – 250 (depending on the type of accommodation)
The price includes: accommodation, meals 3 times a day with one drink /beginning with Fri dinner/, coffee breaks. Also included is a € 20 contribution for scholarschips.
There are also discounts: AEE members get € 20 discount, and if you hand in a workshop proposal before March 15, you get € 10 discount.
The exact prices for the different types of accommodation and lengths of stay will be put up shortly. However: you will never pay more than € 250 for the conference.

Cost of drinks

Prices of the local bar:
beer, juices 17,- CZK
coffee 20,- CZK
glass of wine 25,- CZK
€ 1.– = 33 CZK


We do not strive for profit. This meeting is mainly a gathering of professionals and friends that work as experiential educators, facilitators, teachers, therapists etc. One of the reasons why there is no conference fee is that we ask everyone to bring something else instead:

  • yourself
  • a workshop that you can offer
  • information or resources about your work
  • projects you made in your country
  • some snacks from your country
  • a drink from your country.


We try to get away from the conference tradition of so-called experts doing the ‘giving’ and everyone else ‘receiving’ (that is not very experiential). We like the idea of everyone giving a workshop – anything from a 15 minute session to 3 hours. That helps to create a sharing community, ties in well with active learning principles and makes it clear that everyone’s ideas are valued. We are happy to offer all workshop leaders help in planning and/or facilitating their workshops. We also encourage experimentation with different styles of running a workshop. In the past workshops have included these styles:

  • socratic dialogue – Hans Bolten, Netherlands
  • exchange meeting on social responsibility projects – Guido Cremonesi, Italy
  • garbology, workshop on ‘reading’ the environment by its waste – Amy Andorff, Germany
  • the Roses War, a multi-day game – Jana Slobodova, Slovakia
  • interactive workshop on active reviewing, Roger Greenaway – Great Brittain.
  • technical workshop on a new low element – Frank Schweinheim, Germany

For a complete list of the workshops of last year, please click on workshops of 2003.


Michal Paulicek (Project Outdoor s.r.o.) and Ludek Sebek (Palacky University, Department of Recreology) will be hosting this conference. If you have any questions, remarks, wishes etc., please e-mail us. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Information on the conference and contact

As of now, and right up to the conference, we will be filling this website with information on the conference.

Major changes or additions to this website will be announced on the Euronetx email-list. This is the list for attendees of previous European conferences, and for people who are interested in the coming conference. If you are not on that list, yet, but want to be, please send us an e-mail. You will then get an invitational reply, through Topica, to join the list.