A If you need our shuttle to pick you up in Brno – make sure you let us know exact time and date of your arrival to Brno!
While in the Czech republic sitting in a bus from Prague to Brno – send a SMS or give a call at: +420 603 279 423 (Michal Paulicek). It may happen that the American cell phones will not work. If so: find a phone-box, and give us a call. For that you need a 0,20 CZK coin.

? If I fly in, how do I find the bus to take me from Prague to Brno?
A You will take the yellow Student Agency buses. They sell tickets in a stand right at the airport in the arrival hall. There is a line of stands. Turn right towards the Exit E and search for a stand with yellow buses. The organization is called Student Agency. There will be a sign Buses Prague – Brno. Buy a ticket to Brno. Wait there – the driver will come a couple of minutes before the departure to pick you up and bring you to the bus. Warning: they only accept Czech currency! There is an Exchange office at the airport.

? How much Czech currency (crowns) shall I exchange?
A You will only need it to buy anything extra for yourself in Baldovec. A beer, wine, some sweets or whatever else. The price list is on the homepage under ‘cost of drinks’. See also the next question.

? What does the conference fee include?
A Everything: accommodation, bed linen, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), one drink to each of the meals, coffee breaks twice a day.

? When camping, do I have to bring my own tent?
A Yes! If you chose a tent in the registration form you have to bring your own tent, then. You will only be provided with a space to pitch your tent up. You can use the utilities like showers, WC, restaurant. You will be provided with a towel as well.

? What weather shall I expect?
A Expect moderate continental spring weather with temperatures around 15 – 22 degrees C. We will probably experience sun, clouds, rain showers – everything. The weather will be unstable but moderate, tending to temperatures around 20 degrees C.

? What currency will I need to pay the Conference fee?
A The conference fee will be paid in euro in cash on arrival! We are not able to accept credit cards, unfortunately! On the airport or while crossing the border – exchange enough EUR to pay the conference fee according to the length of your stay (€ 100,- for the preconf, € 180 – 250 for the conference itself). You will not need any extra euro’s.

In case of emergency – we can exchange a small amount of euro’s for Czech currency from our resources.

? What about electricity?
A It is 230 Volt. The socket is like everywhere in continental Europe. If you are travelling from the US or UK, make sure that you have an adapter if you want to use your own computer.

? Are there any photocopying facilities at the centre?
A Yes.

? Are there any training aids?
A Flipcharts, overheads, LCDs are there to be used.

? How can I register for the conference.
A Click here

If you have another question, feel free to email us.