— Pre-Conference Sold Out! —

Sorry, the pre-conference is sold out. You could apply for the waiting list signing up now.

— Join the Pre-Conference —

“Willkommen” from your EEE 2024 Pre-Conference International organizing team Adele, Christof, Faiq, Elena!

The preconference officially starts in Berlin Wednesday 24th April evening – ends Saturday 27th lunch time in Conference location Hirschluch. Price includes 3 nights’ shared accommodation and 6 meals, activities, public transport, no alcohol. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin on Wednesday 24th evening!!!

You can arrive during the day at your pace, check in at our shared lodging experience… we have booked cabins with 2 and 4 beds (Club Lodges Berlin https://www.clublodges.com/) which all have shared bathrooms. The accommodation we booked is a luxury outdoor hostel with separate lodges downtown, a unique site in the middle of town. If you wish a single lodge, additional fee will be charged

We meet at 7pm for dinner and pub crawl so we can start visiting some historical pubs in Berlin.

The next morning, Thursday 25th April, we shall meet at 9am to start a “Surprise Tour”. An example of what we shall visit is the Teufelberg. Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can enjoy a boat ride too and discover some amazing vibes of Berlin!!

We shall depart from Berlin Central Station at 4pm and with public transport (90 min) we will travel towards  the Dahme-Heideseen Natur Park  https://www.dahme-heideseen-naturpark.de) and stay in Hirschluch https://www.jusev.de/jugendbegegnungsstaettewhere

We have booked some wooded huts to sleep. Dinner will be waiting for us by 6.30pm. The evening we can have a camp fire, play, or rest.

On Friday 26th april, we thought we can go outdoors and kayak through the park (https://www.wolfstouren.de/). We will have a surprise EEE guide, Katja! There are so many outdoor activities we can do together, check this website https://www.jusev.de/jugendbegegnungsstaette/freizeitangebote.

Once we establish our preconference team, which we have estimated to be 15 people, we shall start defining our tour and sports preferences.

For that Friday 26th dinner and evening, we may be able to visit a brewery or we shall have a cooking evening together, we will need to buy some ingredients. Elena can teach you how to make home made pasta or we can all decide together to prepare pizza in Hirschluch outdoor oven.

On Saturday 27th afternoon the conference starts in the same place where we stay, we can decide to prepare the welcome night for all of EEE, go for an orienteering, play menskicker, go to the adventure park, go for a bicycle ride, paint nature or other crafts. A lot will depend on the weather, how many we are, and what you wish for!

We shall enjoy each other’s company, listen to city vibes and to nature sounds, it will be a European Experiential Experience!!!

We are sure to have fun!

With love,

EEE2024 International team