It was the time of the Coronavirus that could lead to the deadly COVID-19 disease, that suddenly from one week to the next all of Europe found itself in lockdown mode. All group events were cancelled. And so the friends of the EEE – Experiential Educators Europe also had to give up their annual meeting. Their week together. In that week, long-awaited, they meet each other, make jokes and have a beer, but also they learn, share, exchange and donate. The virus had made up its mind and the conference was locked. 

Until one day, before all could be lost, a handful of these friends of the EEE-family decided not to stop …. They decided to decide, they decided not to leave the decision to the virus …. The EEE conference would have been done anyway. A new dimension would have been explored, the virtual one.



… and for the end of the story … stay tuned!




Can we stage virtual experiential programmes, a conference that grabs,  the mind, the body and the soul? Can experiential trainers and facilitators, even those who love and work outdoors, take the leap and transfer the same to a webinar or an online session?

What powerful activities can we deliver in a virtual environment? How do we transfer the gifts of group that works in physical proximity, close to each other, in touch with all the senses, to working online? What can we give and learn to bring to the future after this crisis?

So dear friends, do we all agree that what we take out to the world should not be frightened off by the menace of the  Coronavirus . . .

do we have any other choice but to go ahead with EEE 2020 Virtual Conference?

This is why we decided to bring the EEE family together, trainers, facilitators, educators and coaches from around Europe and beyond to meet and greet each other and explore this new dimension, to look over horizons that we have never crossed before.

Let’s discover new energy, tools and resources; let’s discuss and understand the boundaries and risks ahead of us.

The details are on these pages.