Our belief is that everyone who attends has something to share from which others can learn. This means that all workshops are provided by participants. There are no common conference elements like (paid) keynote speakers or a set workshop agenda with complicated titles and ‘must share’ articles circulated beforehand. All sharing is voluntary and based on the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

There are no given conference themes that workshop facilitators need to follow. As there is no defined format of a workshop, all there is to know is that the workshops are delivered under the broad and flexible banner of experiential learning. If you are looking for inspiration, check the previous conferences.


Feel free to request a workshop on a topic that you would like to learn about. It’s in our tradition  to ask for a workshop on a topic that interests you but which you do not see offered. Use the social to promote your request beforehand: click here for LinkedIn group or click here for Facebook group.

Please see below for workshops that have so far been offered for the EEE 2020 Virtual Conference.

Here are some practical things to consider when offering a workshop:

  • one time-slot for workshops is 1 hour 15 minutes, but this does not mean that the length of a workshop cannot be shorter or longer;
  • organizers will support you with what you may need for the workshops, such as: technical support.  If you need anything further, please let us know; we will try our best to help you but cannot guarantee that we can provide everything. Let’s chat about it.
Offer a workshop, it’s easy:
Zoom supported us and provided 10 pro-licenses for the workshop-days so you don’t need a personal pro-version to facilitate a  workshop that lasts 75 Minutes and provides all the features you need.
You can find everything you need on the zoom-website: (BUT you have to register to have access – the tutorials are for free – though).
Or you go for youtube – we really like David’s Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFAVgBLxVNY


So give it a try and offer your workshop – it’s gonna be experiential for sure!


The organizing team promotes co-creation and that’s because it’s fun, good networking and with all the online possibilities it’s a piece of cake! If you are looking for a FACILI-DATE to co-create, you can:

  1. check the list of EEE participants who have already signed in, where you can find names and emails, and contact somebody directly;
  2. post a discussion on our LinkedIn group – Experiential Educators Europe;
  3. publish a post on our Facebook page EEE – Experiential Educators in Europe;



If you want to offer a workshop, you need sign in first. Click here to sign in. If you have already signed in and want to offer a workshop, check the link on the confirmation email that you received after having made your contribution (Welcome on board – EEE 2020 Virtual Conference). If you still need help, just contact us.

Find below the workshops proposal for EEE 2020 Virtual Conference: