The health emergency linked to COVID-19 has radically changed our way of life.


The impact has been devastating, on our health, families and social fabric of our communities, but we also see positive outcomes, a reduction in pollution levels, time to re-discover hobbies and interests, the pleasure of focussing on home and personal relationships. Yet for some of us, particularly the educators, trainers, consultants, therapists amongst us, this new scenario has been almost overwhelming. Everything postponed or cancelled. Gone. The psychological impact has been immense.


So we turn to the sole available resource to work and earn our living ~ the Internet ~ a virtual reality that has little to do with experiential reality yet the most valuable of learning tools which many of use with such outstanding  results, bringing with it adventure, excitement and therapeutic outcomes. Like it or not, the task ahead is the art of transfer, our know-how, the value of our work, the educational experience in to the virtual dimension. A shock certainly, yet one which hides some opportunities.


So with this new picture

We have considered it fundamental

To unite, rather than divide.

Share, rather than hold back.

Confirm rather than cancel.

Our conference goes ahead in the virtual domain.


And here is why:

  1. keep our EEE community together, united;
  2. stay connected especially in times of crisis;
  3. learn how to manage technology and virtual tools – who knows, it could be a great lifeboat…;
  4. share & learn about and experience the potential of virtual tools
  5. provide opportunity to take part in the conference from anywhere across the world.

EEE 2020 Virtual Conference will be experiential in every possible way: yet not hosted by professional webmasters or conference providers, but across the EEE community, set up at extremely short-notice yet with passion and of course responsibility.

We invite you to share these experiences, take the risks and gather together later this month.

Let’s see what we will get out of it!