We want to emphasize that this conference is a non-profit venture and grounded in the values of sharing and friendship so based on contributions . Our starting point is one of friendship and shared community. So as to be a free, unofficial, democratic people organization we have set up a money box to collect the contributions.

We opted for and require  some contributions so as to buy in helpful technical resources and to guarantee smooth flowing of the conference, giving all participants the chance of having a friendly, welcoming and meaningful experience online.

As in previous EEE conferences, all excess funds will be transferred to fund our Scholarship for future EEE conferences. For more information check EEE Scholarship Fund.

Conference contribution


The Conference fee includes:

  • participation in all conference meetings, workshops and other activities
  • contribution to the scholarship fund
  • contribution to organizational expenses such as tools, equipment and licences etc.

PLEASE NOTE! To pay your contribution we have set up a friendly money box on PayPal. This means:

  1. You cannot pay a reduced contributionif you only want to attend a part of the conference, one flat-fee only
  2. No invoicecan be provided from the money box
  3. A PAYPAL accountis not needed
  4. Your contribution must be described as ‘personal contribution‘, NOT as ‘buying Goods and Services’
  5. Refunds are not possible


If you have any problem with your contribution, please contact us.