6th European AEE member meeting 2002
Caramulo, Portugal

These are some of the points that Chris Batten picked up at the evaluation.


  • options to do ‘outdoor’ activities
  • whole group session where we do an activity together (e.g. the aerial slide that never ended – aaaaarggghhhh)
  • wake-up and closing sessions where we gather to share
  • timing and structure of the event as Nelson had it, including breaks
  • workshops that promote networking (like Ruth’s)
  • the idiosyncratic process we have for explaining and selecting presentations 🙂
  • invitations and promotion for the event on-line / e-mail (listing typical presentations from previous years) through AEE homepage


  • better timekeeping by both the organisers and participants (definite start and finish times)
  • need to welcome new participants better
  • have a whole group welcoming activity (web poster idea?) and closing
  • encourage more people to offer presentations in multiple formats
  • find a way to share info on each other’s organisations
  • don’t forget the AEE-E Sponsorship Fund that we approved whereby a 20 Euro increase in conference fee will allow others who cannot afford to attend to be supported