Meeting of the European AEE members and their friends
Elspeet, Netherlands, May 2-5, 2003

This year’s conference will be held in Elspeet, which is in the middle of the Netherlands, about 80 kilometres east of Schiphol, the airport near Amsterdam. The conference venue is nicely tucked away in the largest green area of the Netherlands.

The dates of the conference are: May 2-5.

The costs will be around € 250,-. This covers accommodation and 3 meals a day. We do not strive for profit. This meeting is mainly a gathering of professionals and friends that work as experiential educators, facilitators, teachers, therapists etc.


One of the reasons why there is no conference fee is that we ask everyone to bring something else instead:

  • yourself
  • a workshop that you can offer
  • information or resources about your work
  • some snacks from your country
  • a drink from your country.

We try to get away from the conference tradition of so-called experts doing the ‘giving’ and everyone else ‘receiving’ (that is not very experiential). We like the idea of everyone giving a workshop – anything from a 15 minute session to 3 hours. That helps to create a sharing community, ties in well with active learning principles and makes it clear that everyone’s ideas are valued. We are happy to offer all workshop leaders help in planning and/or facilitating their workshops. We also encourage experimentation with different styles of running a workshop. In the past workshops have included these styles:

  • hands-on workshop to enlarge participants’ networks – Ruth Winden, Germany
  • video on drama in the outdoor with kids – Sven Gunnar Furmark, Sweden
  • research presentation on experiential education and eating disorders – Kaye Richards, England
  • music in experiential learning – Bernd Rademacher, Germany
  • presentation of developments in Outward Bound Slovakia – Jana Slobodova, Slovakia
  • interactive workshop on active reviewing, Roger Greenaway – Great Brittain.

Maurice Zorge and Jac Rongen will be hosting this conference. If you have any questions, remarks, wishes etc., please e-mail us. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

As of now, and right up to the conference, we will be filling this website with information on the conference. This is why you will see these under construction signs appear and disappear again. Things we want to put up here shortly are:

  • registration form
  • participants list.

Major changes or additions to this website will be anounced on the Euronetx email-list. This is the list for attendees of previous European conferences, and for people who are interested in the coming conference. If you are not on that list, yet, but want to be, please send an e-mail to Jac Rongen. You will then get an invitation through Topica to join the list.