Conference grid

The conference grid is meant to provide some time structure. A few remarks:

  • in the morning, we have planned long workshop slots of 3 hours. This will give people the opportunity to do longer workshops.
  • There are 4 rooms available simultaneously for workshops. Also there is a big sandy field and a park where we can work. So, theoretically speaking, we could host around 30 workshops.
  • each day there are two slots of unstructured time. The idea is to give people some room to do what they want to do, and put some slack into the programme.
  • the bbq on day two has an open end. No official programme has been planned that night so far.
  • the Monday morning is, as in previous years, reserved to look at the AEE side of the conference, and to reflect on where we stand.
  • so far, there is one proposal for a post conference. Hans Bolten and Jac Rongen will offer an outdoor and Socratic dialogue programme that will last until Wednesday afternoon.


day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4
  5.15-  8.00 Dutch safari
  8.00-  9.00 breakfast breakfast breakfast
  9.00-  9.30 plenary opening plenary opening AEE Europe
  9.30-12.30 workshops workshops
12.30-13.30 lunch lunch lunch
13.30-14.00 unstructured time unstructured time
14.00-15.20 workshops workshops
15.40-17.00 opening activity workshops workshops post-conference
17.00-18.00 unstructured time unstructured time unstructured time
18.00-19.30 diner barbeque
bring your musical
sketches etc.
19.30-20.30 putting together
the program
closing activity