EEE Italy 2015 – DO UT DES – give to receive!



pra_meteoThe north of Italy is dominated by the Alps. The Alpine climate sees cold winters with plentiful of snowfall, while summers are warm in the regions below 1500m. Trento lies at the foot of the Alps and temperatures vary greatly across the year: during April-May in Trento we can expect temperature between 5°C at night and up to 20°C during the day, depending on the weather (read: if it’s sunny or not…).

Since it is springtime, rain is not an uncommon. Rainfall increases with the elevation and some snow can fall even in springtime above 500 meters of altitude.

The venue altitude – Candriai Training Center –  is just below 1000 meters and temperature is much lower than in Trento. We can expect to have from -2 minimum during the night to 10 degrees during the day (apparent temperature is usually higher if sunny and dry).

To cut the story short, bring with you also some winter clothes and a rain cloak; hat, gloves and scarf as well as solid hiking boots if you plan to take part in outdoor activities.


pra_medicalIn case of a health issue requiring medical assistance we will inform you on site about the ways to get medical support. Nearst hospital is in Trento. In case of medical emergency the number to call is 118.





Other Special Needs

pra_special needsPlease put a note about special needs in the registration form in order to let us help you. This includes:

– medical conditions

– special dietary requirements (including intolerances)

– others




Law and fines

pra_lawSpeeding, false parking and travelling without a ticket on public transport is strictly observed in Trentino. So watch out and be careful! Respect the law!

Emergency numbers:

      Police – 113

Carabinieri (like Police) – 112

Fire – 115