— About the venue —

The EEE 2023 conference will take place at the beautiful venue  “Totus Tuus” in Poland.  Lots of space, beautiful views, wonderful silence and the rich nature around it enchanted us and we truly hope you will enjoy them, too.

“Totus Tuus” in Latin means “yours entirely” and may bring  associations wit the pope Jan Paweł II and it not without a reason. Watching the presentation you will probably notice a „religious flavour”…. Yes – the venue belongs to the catholic church and we considered this very carefully.  Finally the assurance from the owners that „they deliver  accommodation and catering, we deliver the Conference”, convinced us to  say YES.

The location provides us with a lot of space indoor and outdoor to organise our workshops, meals and evening activities. 

For more details about our venue and things to do: https://totus-tuus.com.pl (only in Polish unfortunately). 

There is very limited possibility to set up a tent on the venue grounds – please contact organizing team in advance.

 —Meals —

The cooks will provide us with nutritious, mostly traditional Polish meals. Dinners and breakfasts will be served in form of a buffet. Note that the “biggest” meal in Poland is lunch, morning and evening buffet is based on bread with salads, cheese, eggs etc. Do you prefer vegetarian or vegan food, or any other dietary needs? Please let us know when signing up, so we can take your wishes into account.

On Saturday night, we’ll have our traditional Multiculti evening.

Please bring:

– special local food you’d like other participants to get a taste of

– some local/special drinks (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic).

Allergies and Diets

Your needs regarding allergies and/or diets will be collected in the sign-up process and communicated to the kitchen staff.