Name Country Workshop title

1. Jantje Hinze


Germany Taijiquan and Qigong
I want to do some practical training in Taijiquan and Qigong. I want to show Taijiquan and Qigong as a way to relax in movements and to get into contact to your own body and the space you move in.
|Min # of participants : 3 | Max # of participants : 20 |
2. Bernd Rademächers Germany What is the right space according to my importance?

Thinking – Provoking – Talking.

We will find more about our way to behave in peer-groups (eee and elsewhere).

|Min # of participants : 2 | Max # of participants : 20 |

3. Irmelin Kuethe Germany Get to know each other, icebreaker, starter activities for seminars and team trainings

I will share some of my favorite activities how I like to start seminars or trainings and I would like to learn about your favorite acitivities to start with groups. This workshop is all about sharing, experiencing and having fun together and get to know each other.

|Min # of participants : 8 | Max # of participants : — |

4. Michael Rehm


Germany Nine Men Morris
A cool new decision making activity – simpe but very funny and active …
|Min # of participants : 12 | Max # of participants : 25 |
5. Lesley Greenway United Kingdom What matters most – asking the right questions to speak and be heard
In my workshop I would like to introduce you to using online surveys to evaluate your training and I want to try out new software called TypeForm to do this. During the workshop we will work together to design the questions we want to ask in a way that helps people to have their say in a considered way. Our live example will be to design a survey for EEE and offer it as the end
of conference evaluation.
6. Jacek Skrzypczyński Poland Coaching how it works – a method to make you a great experiential educator
In this workshop I will demonstrate coaching methods that are very useful for exoeriential education. You will understand what it is, how to apply and we will have plenty pof practice so you can use it in your work. Based on Co-Active approach from one of the biggest schools in the world. Delivered by an internatinally certified leaders! hip coach.
7. Roger Greenway United Kingdom Learning from triumphs and disasters
We will explore, experiment with and evaluate strategies for facilitating a review in two extreme cases – when a group is triumphant and when a group has had a disaster. This workshop will leave you with a wider repertoire of strategies for working at each end of this spectrum – and confident that you can work with anything in between!

8. Geoffrey McMullan

United Kingdom

The game called Egg Collectors

(not a workshop – a game)

The Aim: to understand the complexity of finding, maintaining and protecting a nest to raise young in. The game can be played in a day or over a period of days. It can also be played in between other activities. More than this I really do not want to say as it will ruin the fun of it. I will also come up with another workshop to be announced at the event – as surprise.

9. Mark Davidson


Scotland Story Structure in Coaching
This workshop will show how we can use our natural understanding of how stories work to structure our coaching session. It will explore the structures used in most feature films and connect these with the key turning points in a good coaching session (the parallels are striking!). Then it will present the MAC model and participants will have ! the opportunity to put the model to use in some practice coach! ing sessions.
|Min # of participants : 4 | Max # of participants : 30 |

10.Alexander Rose

Spain Peter Camenzind and our own existential journey

Group sharing through a personal “ad hoc designed packing-list activity” in order to prepare your most dreamed journey. We will use Hesse’s book as a guide for personal growth!


11. Julie Dinesen Denmark The EEE Body Percussion Orchestra
Some of you might remember The EEE Stomp Samba Orchestra we did a couple of years ago – Now, I feel we are ready to bring it to an even wilder, more explorative and expressive level: The EEE Body Percussion Orchestra. It is about playing together, creating music using our bodies as instruments. It is about daring, listening, give and take space…. and it is about having fun. And YES, we will end up doing a concert. This exercise can be used with teams and groups as an funny energizer – Or to work with specific topics like communication/cooperation.

12. Carlos Bobbert


Chile Teamwork Activities

I would like to invite you to bring, share and enjoy doing activities for the teamwork. Let’s do it with few or easily accessible materials that facilitate to get to know each other, learn, reflect, and appreciate the unique opportunity to meet other ! people

|Min # of participants : 8 | Max # of participants : 20 |

13. Ping Huang Liao


Taiwan Adventure Education in China
I will introduce how adventure education has been developed in China. What’s the currently circumstance of adventure education in China? Where the future goes? I will lead two games which are quite popular in China, Jump drum and floor calligraphy. We have merged some traditional elements into games. People not only playing games but also learn the culture of China.

14. Mihaly-Csongor Kocsis


Romania Building teams with numbers

A series of teambuilding, team development and leadership games or exercises from getting-to-know each other, to icebreakers, warm ups and energizers, communication and cooperation, creativity and problem solving, using only a set of numbers printed on pieces of paper or other different small items in a given number.

|Min # of participants : 10 | Max # of participants : — |

15. Rolf Koerber


Germany Conflict or consens
An exercise on decisions with a reflection about strategies of decision-making. One of my most favourite exercises on leadership
|Min # of participants : 4 | Max # of participants : 40 |

16. Jacek Skrzypczyński


Poland Strengthen your carrier
This is a coaching workshop for those who are planning or re-planning their careers and would benefit from some reflection on their life/work path.
We will explore together what contributes to loss of passion and work burnout, which are so prevalent these days and look into strategies of creating a lifetime of fulfilling and successful career engagement. Everyone will come up with their own principles of staying on course and keeping their energy for the long and satisfying journey of expressing themselves, instead of dragging themselves every working day to something that takes away their happiness.
The workshop is based on H model which is the primary model of coaching in Jacek’s Leadership Coaching School.
17.Ralph Kolen The Netherlands The white paper challenge
Imagine, You are on your way to your training or workshop location and then you find out that you forgot all off your tools. The only thing that you have with you is a pack off white paper and the things they have at your training location. At that point you have to be creative….
During this workshop I will challenge you to find out if we can create new games, experiences and work forms with only with paper.
|Min # of participants : 4 | Max # of participants : — |
18.Aga Leśny & Daniel Dammeier Poland & Germany EEE on the Ropes
After a lot of Workshops with very less Material we will now make a Workshop with lots of Material. Low Rope Courses are one of the oldest and very powerful exercises in experiential education. We will install a temporary Low Ropes Course and you get the chance to experience different variation of our most favorite exercises.
Duration: 3 h
|Min # of participants : 5 | Max # of participants : 20 |