We have tried to keep the conference fee on the same level as the previous years. The pricing structure encourages participants to book as early as possible in order to get the lowest conference fee.


Conference accommodation, activities and equipment as well as accommodation and seminar rooms for the conference have been booked. Evening programmes and surprises have been arranged for. Early booking and payment allows us to make the necessary bookings and arrangements in time.

The main conference officially starts on Friday afternoon 5th May 2017 and finishes on Tuesday at noon the 9th May 2017. We provide food and accommodation from Friday evening (dinner included) until Tuesday noon (lunch included).

Main Conference fee and payments (attention please)

The costs of the conference will have to be paid in different installments.

You will pay the conferencecost when signing up. Your registration is valid when this conference fee in received on the account. You will receive a confirmation of your registration and payment by email.

The accomodation costs (hotel or tenting, all meals included) will have to be paid on arrival in Hotel Fit in Much. (info on preconference-cost below).


Conference fee and payments

  Payment period Conference fee (to be paid when signing up) Hotel fee/Shared room (to be paid at arrival) Tenting fee (to be paid at at arrival)
Early bird Before  January 31. 2017 40 € 270 € 170 €
Lazy bird February 1. – March 31. 2017
(8 weeks)
80 € 270 € 170 €
Ultra lazy bird April 1. – May 4. 2017
(4 weeks)
120 € 270 € 170 €

The main-conference fee includes:

  • participation in all conference meetings, workshops and other activities
  • coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • contribution to the scholarship fund
  • organizational costs

The hotel fee includes:

  • accommodation in Hotel Fit in Much from May 5. night until May 9. noon,
  • a -shared- double room. There are no more single rooms available.
  • all meals, from dinner on May 5. to lunch on May 9.

The tenting fee includes:

  • a tenting place at the hotelgrounds (maximum of 6 tents and 4 campers)
  • bathroom facilities at Hotel Fit in Much from May 5. night until May 9. noon
  • all meals from dinner on May 5. to lunch on May 9.


There is no possibility to pay a reduced price when participating only part of the conference.

If you have any ‘financial doubt’ – please check our scholarship fund opportunity.

Cancellation Policy (for both pre- and conference)

Cancellation Period Fees
until January 31. 2017 25 €
February – March 31. 2017 50 €
April 1. – April 21. 2017 50 %
After April 21. 2017 100 %

If everything is clear to you, please proceed with the signing up

If you have any doubt or request,  please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pre-Conference 2017

The pre-conference will be held from Thursday 2. until Friday 5. of May at arrival at Much for main conference.

This year we present to you a variety of preconferences in which you can choose where you want to start your journey. You can start either in the Netherlands, in Germany or in Belgium.

We invite you to stay at the private homes or campsite of EEE-members.

You are offered an interesting program full of site-seeing and new contacts.

If you prefer to arrive on alternate dates or times, please inform your local host.

On Wednesday night, all preconference participants will gather in the Outward Bound facility in Lustin, Belgium. On Friday morning we will go to Much, Germany to welcome and meet the participants of the mainconference. For the various and complete preconference programmes and travel arrangments: check the preconference site.

Pre-conference fee and payments

Start in Start from Pre-conference fee all costs included. Fly-in Airport Your host
Köln – Germany Mondaynight may 1st or Tuesdaymorning May 2nd. 120 € all-in (40 € downpayment when signing up) Köln Bonn, CGN Bernd Rademächers
Amsterdam – Netherlands Mondaynight may 1st or Tuesdaymorning May 2nd. 120 € all-in (40 € downpayment when signing up) Amsterdam Schiphol, AMS Ammy Kuiper
Lustin – Belgium Wednesday afternoon May 3rd 80 € all-in (40 € downpayment when signing up) Brussels Zaventem, BRU Luk Peeters

The fee for all preconferences is all inclusive. For the different and complete preconference programs check the preconference site.

! Payment procedure for the preconference:

When signing up online, please add your downpayment of 40 € to your conference fee payment. Downpayment is to cover some initial costs.