From left to the right

Ammy, Bernd, Ralph, Valentin, Luk


Ammy Kuiper

Independant trainer, facilitator, consultant, singer, theatre-director, etc. I enjoy working and playing with people in- and outdoors. Unfortunately not too risky, since I am also -and above all-  the mom of two beautiful daughters. After 11 years of attending great EEE-conferences I thought it is time to do something in return. I am proud to be member of our multinational organization team. It will be serious fun!



Luk Peeters

I’m an independent process consultant with a long-standing history in EEE from the beginning. Trying to keep balance in all the interesting features of live, which are generally too much. Professionally I nowadays have a passion for group dynamic issues, collective intelligence, adventure therapy and taking teams on “walkshops”.




Valentin Kern

I am an Outdoor educator, ropes course facilitator and – builder. I am organizer and director of ‘Natur bewegt’: a non profit organization dedicated to experiential programs for children and youth. I have been attending all but 2 EEE conferences since 2000. I love the professionalism, diversity and the fresh ideas that I found on all the conferences that I went to.




Ralph Kolen

Since 2012 I never skipped an Eeeurope conference. As a trainer and theatre maker specialized in labourmarket-mobility, I work a lot with experiential and creative games and training techniques. For me the conference is a yearly energy-boost and a great place to experiment with new ideas and methods.  




Bernd Rademaechers

Since 1997 I skipped only a few conferences. I am keen on ‘Giveback’ and say ‘Thank you’ to all convenors and participants of the last 20 years.  I work as a trainer, facilitator and consultant and sometimes I am fuddy Duddy. Beside working mainly in Germany  I love to play, sing, dress up and laugh.