Hungary has a continental Central-European whether and it means that at the end of April whether wise anything can happen. Most likely we can spend a lot of time outdoors because we expect it to be cool during the day with a nice sunshine. During the nights it can still be chilly, so if You are tenting take a warm sleeping bag.

The trees are already green and flowering, yet there is a high possibility of showers or stormy wind. Take your warm cloths and waterproofs with you for all cases.

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Please let us know, if You assume You might have a health issue or could need medical assistance (pills, etc.). We will inform You on site about the ways of medical support. By the way, Budapest is famous of its hot springs and the baths built on them – so You might also cure Yourself by visiting one or more of those spas.

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Law and fines
Speeding, false parking and travelling without a ticket on public transport or without a vignette on highways is strictly observed in Hungary. So watch out and be carful!

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