Lots of participants will present/lead a workshop on the Conference, hereby some examples:

First name Last name Country title
Rolf Koerber Dr. Germany Marshmallow-Challange – an exercise with a lot of options
Ammy Kuiper Netherlands If you do what you did, you will get what you got!
Action – Reaction Workshop on behaviourial pattern in interactions and solutions for disconnected relations (work or private). Active, playful, and practical workshop for anyone who works with people.
Shira Shvartsun Izrael Novell activity
Elisabeth Lentz USA Chakra Workshop
Meira Kober Israel Action Centered Leadership Model
I will present John Adair’s Action-Centred Leadership model , a simple leadership and management model, which makes it easy to remember and apply, and to adapt for many managerial situations.
Jacek Skrypczynski Poland Coaching how it works – a method to make you a great experiential educator
In this workshop I will demonstrate coaching methods that are very useful for exoeriential education. You will understand what it is, how to apply and we will have plenty pof practice so you can use it in your work. Based on Co-Active approach from one of the biggest schools in the world. Delivered by an internatinally certified leaders! hip coach.
Pascal Van Loo Belgium 5 Role model: integration of possible interventions
A few years ago, I developed a model, to show the differences in interventions, colleagues use as a teacher, trainer, consultant or change designer. In part 1 I would like to present a PREZI overview, in part 2 I will try to bring it alive by using a theater-constellation.
Dalma Hosszú HUN Psychosocial impacts of a therapeutic recareational camping program for children with serious illness
Young people with chronic illnesses have the same developmental issues as healthy young people. However, a chronic illness can disrupt development due to repeated hospitalization, poor health status or changes in appearance, abilities, and peer relations. Bátor Tábor offers therapeutic recreation camping program! s for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, JRA and haemophilia since 2001. Considering its methods and its attitude to children and health, Bátor Tábor is a high standard and unique initiative in Central Europe. The recreational camping programs are offered free of charge to the campers and their families, who benefit from its functional intervention, leisure education and recreation participation, which all facilitates their physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. The programs convey outcomes including growth in physical functioning, social skills and enhances emotional well-being, self-esteem and quality of life.
Francisco Eduardo and Raul Alberto Silveira Ramos and Muñoz Brazil the cultural impact of Outdoor Education in Brazil and South America
Mihály-Csongor Kocsis Romania Why &; How to use inspirational stories for training and coaching?
Great stories with deeper message or meaning used in order to create learning, increase the effects of a training course or coaching session and offer inspiration for the participants. Some examples of stories for different situations and stories relating personal experiences. What’s your story? I would love to hear about your experiences. How to make the most of the stories? (discussion, questions)
Mark Davidson UK Philosophy and Training
I will start by introducing Integrative Philosophy and explaining how, through focusing on life’s game nature, it builds a philosophical synthesis that dissolves philosophical problems. I will then show how to make use of an appreciation of life’s game nature in a training context. Participants will then tackle short exercises and explore went on with reference to game thinking
Christiane Thiesen Germany Directors Chess
Leadership Project, to show the other paticipants this wonderful method
Geoffrey McMullan UK Natural Awareness
This will be a nature based game or games, subject to participants.