The conference itself is a self-made, flexible event, although its architecture has a well developed linearity. We open the conference on the afternoon of April 22nd. After welcoming our participants we build up the conference program of the remaining four days on the basic workshop. All participants are welcome to provide a workshop or a lecture on an experiential based topic. Average timeframe for such a module is between 90 to 180 minutes. Try to build up your program using these recommended time frames.

In the workshops menu you can send your program’s short description till the beginning of the conference and also make request for an indoor or outdoor venue.

On the 23rd, the 24th, the 25th there is space for workshops and lectures on the whole day. On the 26th there is a morning space for the same purpose. In the afternoon we listen to the organization proposals of next year’s EEE gatherings, and the farewell party preparations and program takes place.
On the 27th of April in the morning participants leave the venue after breakfast.

Share Your knowledge

If You feel You would like to contribute to the program of EEE2013 You are more than welcome! And these are not empty phrases – the conference program is literarily made by You, participants. So put your input!
Please note that You should send us your proposal (title, abstract of your activity, time frame, requested venue or materials, number of participants, etc) till the 1st of April. (No joke)

  • Provide a workshop: a workshop is an interactive experiential way to address a topic you would like to share and show. You can stay inside or go out into the woods. You can use a projector, a flipchart or any other material of your choice. You can take 90 or 180 minutes time frame for your work.
  • Give a lecture and then put it on discussion: prepare a lecture on every topic You associate importance with and is experiential education connected. Then put it on discussion with your audience and gain amazing outputs.
  • Make a poster: prepare this traditional conference presentation tool on your topic to share and we will hang it on the wall so participants can learn it through the whole conference. Sure You also will present it shortly for interested fellow colleagues in one of the lunch brakes.