Guarding the community’s privacy has a distinguished value at EEE gatherings, therefore, we will have our well separated place. In the middle of the Youth Centre there are 8 bungalows with all in all 96 beds in 32 three beds rooms. Each room has a separate shower and toilet, and each bungalow has 4 rooms. The doors of the rooms open into a common living room with a fridge and the main entrance of the bungalow.
Please make a note on your registration form about the people with you would like to share your room/bungalow.

csilleberc bungalows

You are welcome to pitch your tent or park your campervan near to the bungalows. Campers will share the necessary numbers of bathrooms of a designated bungalow. Please take to notice that we limit the number of tents is 10.


The participation fee includes all meals (breakfast, light lunch and heavy dinner, starting with a welcome dinner on the 22nd of April and ending up with the farewell breakfast on the 27th of April) and soft beverages (tea, coffee, soft drinks). We make efforts to provide you an excellent selection of Hungarian and international cuisine and answer your special requests as well. Please make a sign for your special food requests on the registration form!

csilleberc 2