MISI – Mihály Csongor Kocsis

foto MisiI started gaining E (experiential) knowledge as soon as I was born.

In 1996 the EE (experiential education) became part of my professional life. I got my initiation at Vesbaek Center in Denmark.

The first EEE (experiential educators europe) conference I went to was the one in 1998. My Danish friends invited me to go with them to Switzerland and make a presentation about our joint venture organization in Transylvania and our future plans in experiential education.


I missed some of the next conferences, but I joined again in 2004. I try to go every year ever since, because it is the most important yearly event in my professional life. During these years I made long lasting friendships, got and gave inspiration, exchanged ideas and experiences, spent quality time with great people and I learnt a lot.


Organizing and hosting the EEE conference in 2016 in Transylvania is a great privilege for me. I believe this wonderful community owes its very existence to the dedicated support and contribution of each participant every year.

 ISTVÁN – István Kerekes

foto IstvanMy first EEE experience began, in 2014, in Poland. It was curiosity mostly, that brought me there, (and the train of course), and shortly after arriving to the castle after the long walk I choose to do, I felt really between friends. Everything was so welcoming, and natural, that I forgot almost immediately not only that I am new here, but to make notes on what is happening behind the scenes.

I forgot, though Misi, who invited me to the conference, asked me shortly after deciding that I want to participate to the EEE conference in Poland, to be very attentive because shortly we will have to organize it here, in Transylvania too.

So in Italy I arrived prepared to make notes, and watch everything carefully, and although I tried to help the Italian team everywhere I felt necessary, I still came home like wow, it is our turn now, and I am anxious to do it, but where to start? Luckily Misi is here…

So here we are, and I am already waiting for your arrival. Though there is a lot of work to do until then, I already know, that we will welcome you gladly, and eager to spend another great sharing experience with you again.