We have tried to keep the conference fee on the same level as the previous years. The pricing structure encourages participants to book as early as possible, in order to get the lowest conference fee.


Pre-conference accommodation, activities and equipment as well as accommodation and seminar rooms for the conference have been booked. Evening programmes and surprises have been arranged. Early booking and payment allows us to make the necessary bookings and arrangements in time.

The conference officially starts on Sunday afternoon (24.th April 2016) and finishes on Friday afternoon (29.th April 2016). We provide food and accommodation from Sunday evening (dinner included) until Friday afternoon (lunch included).

Pre-conference fee: 210 euro/participant.

The pre-conference fee includes:

  • accommodation in Hotel O3zone for 3 nights (from April 21.st night until April 23.rd night),
  • all meals (starting with dinner on April 21.st and finishing with lunch on April 24.th),
  • organization costs.

Attention please! Transportation from Bucharest airport to the hotel will be arrange with an extra fee.

Conference fee:

Early bird January 6-27 (3 weeks) 320 euros (-30 euros tenting)
Lazy bird January 28 – March 23 (8 weeks) 360 euros (-30 euros tenting)
Ultra lazy bird March 24 – April 20 (4 weeks) 400 euros (-30 euros tenting)

If you would like to sleep in a single room please consider an extra charge of 20 €/night.

The conference fee includes:

  • accommodation in Hotel Salvator for 5 nights (from April 24.th night until April 28.th night),
  • all meals (starting with dinner on April 24.th and finishing with lunch on April 29.th),
  • contribution to the scholarship fund,
  • organization costs.

ATTENTION PLEASE! There is no possibility to participate only to part of the conference and pay a reduced price.

ATTENTION PLEASE AGAIN! If you have any “financial doubt” please check our scholarship fund opportunity.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Period Fees
until January 27 25 Euro
January 28 – March 23 50 Euro
March 24 – April 20 50 %
After April 21 100 %

If everything is clear please proceed with the signing up, if you have any doubt or request please do not hesitate to contact us.