Pre-conference offers additional time and space for conference participants to network and also experience something special together.

We initially had planned a City/Outward Bound pre-conference, but decided to ditch the city-part and stay close to (our) nature. All EEE participants who had already signed up for the pre-conference will be contacted soon!

This year we invite you  a typical 3-day-Outward Bound program in the Belgian Ardennes, in the area of the OBB-programhouse in Lustin.  Ditch the tablet. Unplug the phone. Step with the group of pre-EEE-partcipants into nature activities and reflections and be surprised what you’ll experience between footsteps, climbing, caving, campfire, ropecourse… By doing something new, different and challenging in the Belgian outdoors, you can recognize your typical ways of engaging and reacting and explore new ways of getting along with situations, experiences and others. An OBB  trainer will facilitate the personal and physical challenges in nature and the sensemaking of these 3 days.


April 29th from 10 a.m.

  • Welcome in Lustin
  • Outdoor activities and reflections in and around Lustin


April 30th

  • Outdoor activities and reflections in and around Lustin
  • Outdoor cooking

May 1st

  • Morning: Closing the OBB-program in the Ardennes.
  • Afternoon : transport to Heibrand