eee 2021 – Organising Team


Our conference this year is organized by a core team of six equals from six countries across three continents, braving the second year of the pandemic to ensure that we all get together.

 We would be delighted to have you join us at eee 2021, whether or not you have been to eee before.

Daniela Borontiș (Romania)

“Even though I have participated at one EEE conference before, I fell in love with its spirit. In my daily life, I organise (outdoor) events for youth and adults: using canoes, bikes, and camping.”

You can also find me at: or


Nitin Bangalore (India)

“Chai-loving bloke – far from home. My superpowers include bending objects, like milk cartons and pizza boxes.””

You can also find me at:


Erik Vesterlund (Sweden)

“Born and raised in sports, came across experiential learning through adventure sports, found a family of brothers and sisters in EEE in Estonia 2009. But have returned professionally to sports (judo).”

You can also find me in my garden just outside Uppsala, Sweden. Welcome!


Bernd Rademächers (Germany)

“In EEE since the very beginning, keen to support the EEE-family, grandpa and an enthusiastic player (unfortunately not a piano-player).”

You can also find me at:


Peter Petzal (United Kingdom)

“Yes, I  am a Management Consultant focusing on leadership, change, culture and really how organizations work; experiential is at the heart of my work; learning from each other is fundamental just like eee…”

You can also find me at:


Tim Pearson (Alaska, USA)

“A leadership coach/mentor with a focus on talent development using experiences and networks of friends and other great people (or bears). eee friends are worth crossing the North Pole for . . . by dog team, skis, kayak or Zoom.”

You can also find me at:

Drawing on the great experience of:

Ammy Kuiper (The Netherlands)


Sergio Cagibiosu (Italy)


Andy Leipelt (Germany)