EEE is not-for-profit – we ask for contributions


Our starting point is a sharing community; so we have set up an unofficial, democratic people organisation along with a money box to collect contributions.


Some of the contributions will be used to buy helpful technical resources to ensure the conference flows smoothly, meaning – hopefully – that everybody will enjoy a friendly, welcoming and meaningful experience online.


As in previous eee conferences, any surplus income will be transferred to our Scholarship Fund for future eee conferences. For more information check eee Scholarship Fund.



Conference contribution


20 €


Our Conference fee includes


  • participation in the entire conference, plenary sessions, workshops and other activities
  • contribution to organizational expenses such as tools, equipment and licenses etc
  • contribution to the scholarship fund




To pay your contribution we have set up a friendly money box on PayPal – do note:


  • There is one flat fee only — we cannot offer a reduced contribution
  • If you want to attend just part of the conference, still just one fee
  • If the fee presents a problem, please contact us
  • We cannot issue an invoice from the money box
  • You do not need a PAYPAL account; just use this link
  • Your contribution must be described as ‘personal contribution’, NOT as ‘buying Goods and Services’
  • Refunds are not possible


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