eee 2021 – WHY VIRTUAL?

So the story is ongoing – whilst COVID-19 has wreaked havoc North, South, West, East – vaccinations of all sorts and sizes, unheard of a year ago are now the talk of the town. Over the year we have explored; had new adventures; coped and delivered;  we learnt we can do far more in the virtual space than ever thought possible

For the moment at least, the Internet has rapidly become our new augmented reality – yet little to do with experiential reality; in short it has become our place to be, to share, to live; to love or not to love… 

 we consider it fundamental

To persevere – not to hold back

To learn – not to languish 

To listen – not disregard 

To stretch to the new – not hold back to the old

To stay connected – not disconnected

To care more about the other while caring for ourselves 

Our conference goes ahead in the virtual space

To keep our eee community connected – especially in times of crisis

To make the most of technology & virtual tools – they’ll be around for a while

To share our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly 

To remind ourselves of the unshakeable eee spirit

Our eee 2021 Virtual Conference will be experiential in every possible way: hosted by us – not a professional conference organiser in sight – conceived & designed by the eee community, brought together by six colleagues from six different countries with enthusiasm and passion 

April 29 : 16:00 -20:00 | April 30 : 09:00 – 17:00 CET

Join the excitement – Join us