eee conferences are based on the principle of co-creation. Our belief is that everyone who attends has something to share that others can learn from. It means that the workshops are provided by participants. So, there are no such “usual” elements of conferences, like paid keynote speakers or set workshop agenda with complicated titles. All sharing is voluntary and based on the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

There are no given conference themes, needed to follow for workshop facilitators, as there is no defined format of the workshop, all is important to know that the workshops are delivered under the broad and flexible banner of “experiential learning”.


However, here are some practical things to consider when offering a workshop:

  • one time-slot for workshops is 1.5 hours, but this does not mean that the length of a workshop cannot be shorter or longer.
  • organizers will provide you with  basic materials needed for the workshops, such as: projector, flip-chart paper, writing paper, pens, markers.  If you need anything extra, please let us know, we will try to support you, but we cannot guarantee that we can provide everything. Let’s communicate about it.


The organizing team promotes co-creation. Because it’s fun, good networking, and with all the online possibilities it’s a piece of cake! If you are looking for a FACILI-DATE to co-create, please fill out the WORKSHOP OFFER-form and respond YES where is asked if you are looking for co-facilitator.

ATTENTION PLEASE! Only after signing in, if you wish to offer a workshop, you can complete the WORKSHOP OFFER-form to list your proposal in the web-page (link to the form included in the email arriving after concluding the signing in process).

For inspiration you may visit the workshop pages of the previous conferences on the website.

Here below you can find all the workshops offered for EEE 2022 Conference: