logodefinitivoThe first time at EEE… I didn’t have a clear idea of what was awaiting me. I read between the lines some great opportunities, like a way to “put my nose out of my country” (tipical italian expression) and to come face to face with other professionals in my field. But what I never expected to find was this strong desire to give, to share, to offer.

An Italian is not very culturally prone to this type of approach. Italians, me included, are more keen to preserve, to protect, to cover. Fortunately, on my way, I met some people (also italians) who taught me that if you do not give, you do not receive. Hence I began to see things from another point of view and tried to adopt this attitude. I found that the more you give the more you recieve, maybe not at the same time, not by the same person, not in the same way, but you can be sure that all comes back.

Today, fulfilling one of my dreams, to organize an EEE in Italy, I decided to give it a title. A title, as the dictionary says, is a word that is used to focus the content and, I add, to explicit the philosophy behind this event. The translation of this concept, according to our Roman ancestors is given by the simple rule DO UT DES – give to receive. Trying to grasp the altruistic meaning of this saying all participants veterans or new at EEE are invited to be ready to give and they will certainly receive a lot back.

EEE Italy 2015 – DO UT DES – give to receive!

Sergio bar camp



Sergio Cabigiosu – it.linkedin.com/in/sergiocabigiosu




The first time at EEE…it was a cold day in January 2013. Sergio phoned me. “Hey, what about going to Budapest in April? I knew about a conference of experiential educators and trainers, a sort of bar camp, it will be a wonderful thing!” “Bar camp? But …. What should I do?” “Everything you want: just be open and listen”. It’s been a real unique experience and I felt at home surrounded by people I met for the first time (speaking all time in English! Wow!).

And now, I’m one of the organizers of the EEE Italy. What a responsability! I would like to give each participant the same good feeling I received last year. Taking just one drop after the other, like the colibrì in a great tale I once heard. Don’t you know it? Well, come to EEE Italy 2015, I’ll be glad to tell it to you! 🙂

Davide Verazzani 003


Davide Verazzani –it.linkedin.com/in/davideverazzani





The first time at EEE… I decided without a clear expectation, probably the main driver was curiosity. It was Sergio to tell me about his experience in Hungary and to convince me with his report and enthusiasm to join him to the Polish event (it didn’t take much time honestly…). I’m really glad he did it.

Experience has taught me that sharing is the fast lane to growth. In my job I have “sharing” as a constant habit. There is an old saying in Italy (and probably not only here in Italy) that goes something like this: if we both have one coin, we give it to the other person and we part, we still have one coin each. But if we both have one idea (a different one), we meet and we share it, when we part we both bring with us two ideas.

That is the mental attitude with which now I participate to the EEE and with which I’ve accepted to be part of the italian team in the journey that will bring us to Candriai at the EEE Italy 2015.

EEE Poland 010_01


Walter Allievi – it.linkedin.com/in/walterallievi





Our organizing team has gained new members:

Vacanze Natale 109_smallSarafoto Lucia

dddd  Silvia Borgo                            Sara Sagrati                             Lucia Poggiali

– Office and Logistics-                – Communication –                     – Photographer –

Welcome to EEE Italy 2015!