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logodefinitivoEEE Italy 2015 – DO UT DES – give to receive!

List of persons who have completed

the signing up process for EEE Italy 2015.


Sergio Cabigiosu Italy
Walter Allievi Italy
Davide Verazzani Italy

To facilitate the interaction between the participants of EEE Italy 2015, in order to arrange the travel or part of it, we have decided to list also the e-mail address. If somebody do not like that his address is in the list, please let us know and we will remove it.


1 Bernd Josef Rademaechers Mr. rademaechers@me.com Germany
2 Timothy James Pearson Professional Coach timpearsonak@gmail.com United States
3 Monika Kezaite-Jakniuniene Mrs monika@kitokieprojektai.net Lithuania
4 Ralph Kolen info@collegia.nl Netherlands
5 Christof Siebner christof@hellge-siebner.de Germany
6 Irene Bews info@adventurascotland.co.uk United Kingdom
7 Alistair Sangster info@adventurascotland.co.uk United Kingdom
8 Christian Mancini christian.mancini@web.de Italy
9 Michael Rehm Mr rehm@ziel.org Germany
10 Aud Bjørnsrud Manager aud@uvdalresort.no Norway
11 Jantje Hinze ronjantje@web.de Germany
12 Dilek Polat Sesli dilek.polat@dsm.com.tr Turkey
13 Lesley Greenaway Mrs lesley@reviewing.co.uk United Kingdom
14 Valentin Kern valentin.kern@online.de Germany
15 Roger Greenaway Mr roger@reviewing.co.uk United Kingdom
16 Irmelin Kuethe i.kuethe@kiik.de Germany
17 Valentina Gagliardo gagliardo.v@gmail.com Italy
18 Federica Tabone Psychologist federica.tabone@gmail.com Italy
19 Julie Dinesen juliechr@hotmail.com Denmark
20 Carlos Bobbert cbobbert@hotmail.com Chile
21 Christiane Thiesen info@christiane-thiesen.de Germany
22 Frank Grant fjg236@aol.com United Kingdom
23 Barbara Meyer barbara.meyer@mk-teamcoaching.de Germany
24 Bernd Kappeller bernd.kappeller@mk-teamcoaching.de Germany
25 Jana Hinrichs hnrchsjn@gmail.com Germany
26 Mark Davidson mark@sent.com United Kingdom
27 Sibylle Schoenert sibylle@schoenert-online.de Germany
28 Rolf Koerber Prof. Dr. rolf.koerber@gmx.de Germany
29 Ellika Benn ellika.benn@gmail.com United Kingdom
30 Adrian Slawomir Sztobryn liuvil92@gmail.com Poland
31 Busra Sesisen Aydin Manager / Trainer busra.aydin@dsm.com.tr Turkey
32 Zerrin Ture Sutcu Trainer zerrin_sutcu@hotmail.com Turkey
33 Gianluca Celeste celeste.gianluca@gmail.com Italy
34 Synne Andersen synneandersen@gro-coaching.dk Denmark
35 Ammy Kuiper ammy@tactbureau.nl Netherlands
36 Daniele Ulivieri Mr ulivieridaniele@gmail.com Italy
37 Leonardo Frontani Mr. edu@leonardofrontani.com Italy
38 Alessandra Marconato marconato.alessandra@gmail.com Italy
39 István Kerekes mokuska@gmail.com Romania
40 Tobias Kamer tobias.kamer@drudel11.ch Switzerland
41 Maria Costa maria.j.costa@gmail.com Portugal
42 Michel Del Pino michel.delpino@yahoo.es Spain
43 Geoffrey David Alan Guy Mr gda.guy@googlemail.com United Kingdom
44 Thomas Hofstetter thofstetter@bluewin.ch Switzerland
45 Elke Moeltner e.moeltner@gmail.com Italy
46 Vasco Costa vasco_costa91@hotmail.com Portugal
47 Andreu Mateu General Manager mateuandreu@gmail.com Spain
48 Mihaly-Csongor Kocsis misikocsis@gmail.com Romania
49 Jacek Skyski Skrzypczynski Mr. jacskrz@gmail.com Poland
50 Dirk De Vilder dirk.devilder@outwardbound.be Belgium
51 Luk Peeters luk@lukpeeters.be Belgium
52 Barbara Behrens braun_barbara@hotmail.com Germany
53 Lucas Lossen lossen@process-one.de Germany
54 Brian Griggs wanderlustdenali@yahoo.com United States
55 Stephanie Püttker sp@spice-consulting.de Germany
56 Marco Zanchi Mr. bbmarcoz@gmail.com Italy
57 Gian Luca Ferrarotti Consultant gianluca.ferrarotti@landscapetraining.it Italy
58 Andy Leipelt andy.leipelt@gmail.com Germany
59 Femke Gordijn consultant / trainer femke.gordijn@wur.nl Netherlands
60 Blaž Rošer blaz@tba.si Slovenia
61 Désirée Steinmann info@steinmann-international.com Switzerland
62 José Maia jose.joe.maia@gmail.com Portugal
63 Roger Rusch roger.rusch@ceo-plus.ch Switzerland
64 Sandor “Alex” Banyai banyai.sandor@kalandokesalmok.hu Hungary
65 Dario Boschetto dario.boschetto85@gmail.com Italy
66 Jošt Teran Trainer director jost@solinstitut.com Slovenia
67 Christian Holst Mr ch@tbkompagniet.dk Danmark

 The Italian Team would like to thank you for coming!