EEE Italy 2015 – DO UT DES – give to receive!

The Scholarship Fund was established at the EEEurope Conference in Caramulo, Portugal, in 2002. Its purpose is to encourage the participation of people living or working in Europe who are involved in experiential education but who cannot afford to attend the annual conference and who would benefit by taking part.

scholarship-iconEvery year a small amount of the participants fee contribute to create some scholarships fund, in order to avoid that trainers or educators interested in EEE annual conference, gives up because of financial limit.

Are you interested? Here you can find how it works.

  • The whole process is based on trust.
  • The Fund is financed out of the conference fee paid by other participants.
  • The Fund can award scholarships of up to 80% of the main conference fee.
  • Applicants should be willing and able ‘to share and contribute’ in English.
  • Applicants are asked to contribute by offering a workshop. Alternative ways of contributing are listed below.
  • Applicants should apply by email following the guidelines below.
  • Applications will be read by a committee who have taken part in previous EEEurope conferences.
  • Decisions are usually made within two weeks.


1) Applicants should work or live in Europe

2) Apply by email (, in response to these questions:

  • Where did you hear about EEE annual conference?
  • Please describe your experience in ‘experiential education’
  • Why are you asking for sponsorship? Please describe your economic circumstances.
  • What contribution would you like to make, and please describe it:
    + workshop
    + poster session
    + video
    + slide show
    + other:
  • What would be the benefit for you in attending the conference?
  • What are your plans for the future in this field?


Application deadline is March 20th, but you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to benefit from low cost travel as well as the chance of sponsorship.

Decision process:

Your application will be read and commented upon by at least 4 EEEurope participants member (Scholarship committee) within 2 weeks of your application. If necessary, you will be approached for extra informations.

For any questions or doubts contact us.