EEE Italy 2015 – DO UT DES – give to receive!

We are aware about your preference for the preconference, but we had to face the reality and the availability of the venue. So we are organizing different postconference programmes. Nevertheless if anyone would like to anticipate the arrival, we will be glad to help for some unofficial pre conference program.

statistica preconferenceThe post conference takes place from 01st to 03rd May (Friday – Sunday)

The Post Conference has different proposals.

Proposal number 1: Sport and techincal material  salewa_01

Title: Climbing at Salewa

Description: The Oberalp Group –founded in 1981 by Heiner Oberrauch – now employs more than 500 people and is active in various sectors of production, retail, wholesale and distribution in the fashion industry and sporting goods field. In salewa_21990 Oberalp took over the Munich based Salewa Group and greatly increased its market share in the mountain sport market in Europe, Asia, USA and other key regions. In the beautiful new headquartes of Salewa  in Bolzano we will have the opportunity to visit the production, listen to the history of challenges linked  to mountain sport  and, last but not least, have an intensive climbing course.

salewa_3Minimum participants: 12

Accomodation: we will stay in Candriai and move with buses to Bolzano.

Costs: around 180 €

Proposal number 2: Sport activity


Title: Sailing on Garda Lake

Description: this is just a draft, we’re stil thinking about the details. Anyway the idea is to spend a day sailing on Lake Garda experimenting some activities we normally use in experiential training.

The activity has a couple of critical issue

  1. we strictly depend on weather condition, that means no wind (or too much of it) no sailing.
  2. we need to know with a certain advance how many people are interested in the activity since it won’t be easy to find big sailing boats on Garda lake, during a weekend of May, if we don’t move quickly.

Minimum/Max participants: 6 – that depends on the boat that we can find. Probalby not more than 12 People. The priority will be given to early subsciptions.

Accomodation: we will stay in Candriai and move with buses to the selected venue.

Costs: TBD

Proposal number 3: Journey

grande guerra

Title: “you are in the Army now” – Historical Journey around World War I

Description: there are a lot of stories about world war I in Trentino. We will travel around this part of our history, discovering information that people never heard about and maybe would have never discovered.

Minimum participants: 8

Accomodation: we will stay in Candriai and move with buses to the selected venue.

Costs: about 150 €

We are still working on this proposals, so please let us know with your comments which is your preference or suggest us new proposals.